My Second Honeymoon… Almost

In my last few posts, I described my experiences with detox, individual and group therapy.

Rehab is a lot of hard work, but it isn’t all hard work.

There were a lot of perks to my stay in the in-patient facility. First of all, it was basically set up like a luxury hotel. I know not all rehabilitation centers are like where I stayed, and I was lucky that insurance covered my expenses. But I recommend doing your research or having a loved one do research for you, to find the most helpful treatment center you can afford or that your insurance will cover. It makes a big difference in your experience and your comfort.

I had a private room with a king-sized bed and a private bathroom (even better than on our honeymoon haha). All the bedding and decor was white, plush, clean and homey, with soothing artwork and plants everywhere. The room accommodations were especially lovely during the detox phase. I pity anyone who would have had to share a room or bathroom with me during that time because I was a wretched mess.

In-patients were provided healthy meals and snacks every day. We had the option to take them together in the cafeteria or recreation room, or outside or in our own rooms.

The facility also had a gym, complete with a swimming pool and sauna. Once I got past my detox phase, I loved lifting weights in my free time, followed by a swim and steam in the sauna. I had never been in a gym before, and another patient showed me how to use the equipment and coached me. It made me feel even more detoxed and relieved my anxiety. It’s a habit I plan to continue outside of rehab, and more the first time in my life, I have joined a gym.

The rehab center offered lots of activities and classes patients could participate in during free time, which was basically whenever we weren’t in therapy. Hiking, swimming, cooking, running, knitting, sewing, painting, and drawing were just a few of the activities I experienced. It helped me dabble in different activities, mingle with other patients, make new friends, and find out which hobbies I enjoyed and was good at. I found that I’m actually a decent artist, and drawing is really therapeutic for me.

I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to find an activity that you can do in your free time that feeds your soul. I love having a creative outlet and a healthy way to express my emotions. Exercise, too, helps more than you might realize. The only thing which made me steel feel sad is that my lovely wife wasn’t with me…my lovely ex-wife.

I really learned a lot and had an overall positive experience in rehab. Keep reading to learn what it was like for me when it was time to check out.