My Experience Treating Alcoholism With Hypnosis

My Experience Treating Alcoholism With Hypnosis

Hey, it’s Max, and I’m back… that rhymed a bit but don’t worry, I promise I won’t quit my day job, just the alcohol. I’ll stick to math because clearly, poetry isn’t really my forte. Getting back into the real world was quite scary, but I managed it.

AA was truly a part of that reconnection, and I made a lot of friends. I never expected that my best friends would all be formed addicts who struggled with drinking too much, just like me, but here I am.

Going to AA helped me reintegrate with life because the guys all had experiences kind of like mine, but they had been sober for far longer. This also meant they’d already been through a lot of the experiences I was having, so they had solutions for problems that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

Alcohol recovery is a life-long process, guys, I’m not going to sugar coat it. Nope, you’ll never get sweet from me. Instead, I’ll always be honest here, because this is meant to be the place to tell my story.

So don’t start thinking I’m making things up when my pal George told me to try hypnosis. Yeah, hypnosis.

You see, after a few months of that sobriety I was sinking into what you can call an alcohol depression. I was fighting cravings every day, and I felt like my life was going nowhere, I wanted that sweet bliss of alcohol to deal with everything in life that wasn’t going my way.

George took me aside after one meeting and gave me a suggestion, and I took it seriously. Hypnosis to treat my depression.

We all know what hypnosis is, right? That hokey little guy swinging a watch back and forth and then making you cluck like a chicken with the snap of his fingers? That’s not how it was, not really.

I went to see a specialist, a guy that George says was legit, and he put me under. There was a focus on breathing and talking, and then I faded out into this nice little hazy space until suddenly, I was back, and the clock was ahead by about a half hour.

A few sessions later and the cravings had abated entirely.

The whole point of the hypnosis was to subconsciously teach my brain new commands and let it know that it didn’t need alcohol. This meant I didn’t even need to think about it, my brain already knew the new rules.

I didn’t really expect this experience to work, but it did. It really helped me keep my sobriety in check. Please, write to me if you had some experience with hypnosis, are there many people whom it also helped and for how long?